Our Teas

Iced Black Tea with Sicilian Lemon
We could not have an Iced Tea range without the traditional Black Tea. Made popular at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair, you could say that it is as American as Pecan Pie on the 4th of July. However our Iced Tea has been refined and altogether tailored to create a smooth & naturally sweet traditional tea flavour. Our botanic ingredients have been carefully selected and naturally infused to ensure a balanced and refreshing sensation. Not only a well refined original but a #smartalternative for today’s consumer.

Iced Green Tea with Moroccan Mint
From America to North Africa, great quality iced tea holds no diplomatic agenda. Our Moroccan Mint Green Tea has been painstakingly perfected through hours of testing and sampling. Resulting in a truly flavoursome tea with all the additional benefits from the natural extraction process of the green tea leaves. The infusion of the mint rounds the flavour creating a thirst quenching #smartalternative.

Iced Thai Tea with Oriental Coconut Water
Not your average iced tea – far removed from anything available at the St. Louis Worlds Fair in 1904. We have created an Iced Tea with all the flavours and mysteries of the orient. Black tea leaves have been carefully selected to balance with the delicate flavours of the orient and combined with the invigorating taste of coconut water. We believe our Iced Thai Tea provides the consumer with a #smartalternative on so many levels.

Iced Patagonian Tea with Yerba Mate
An infusion of botanic ingredients inspired by the Welsh colonisation of the Patagonian region of South America. Although over 150 years have passed since the Mimosa ship arrived on the shores of the Southern Hemisphere, we believe in keeping tradition alive. We have selected only the finest Yerba Mate tea and infused with a delicate range of botanicals to bring a sense of the Gaucho to the Northern Hemisphere – infusing Welsh & Latino cultures for a #smartalterative.